Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Toxic Cleanup Efforts in Colorado

Newly proposed legislation in Colorado would force companies in the state to clean up current toxic waste before they could begin new or expanded operations. According the Denver Post, the new legislation would require companies to alert residents within a mile of a mill if groundwater was contaminated. It would also allow communities to have a say in cleanup plans (see today's article, "Tougher Rules Sought on Cleaning Toxic Sites in Colorado") .

At issue is the Cotter uranium mill south of Canon City, a now closed facility where a state-supported Superfund cleanup effort has been going on for 25 years. At this site, efforts to prevent groundwater contamination have led to toxic tailings leaching into groundwater. Cotter has plans to reopen its facility.

If you're seeking online information about toxic cleanup efforts in Colorado and current regulations in the state, here are a few helpful resources:

To find additional resources, take a look at our guide to environment.

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